Mappetite - A Trusted Travelling Companion

November 07, 2008

Heading to London, New York or San Francisco - you need a Mappetite!

Not too many of us are making vacation plans at the moment, as the downturn in the economy dictates that frivolity takes a backseat to more sober concerns. But trips and vacations are still called for and maybe some useful tools to help monitor spending are all that is needed.
Mappetite might be just one of those tools…
Available for London,New York and San Francisco, Mappetite is a map, a city and restaurant guide all in one, which folds into a pocket or bag sized, take-with-you-and-refer-to-all-day travelling companion.
Even as you are planning your trip Mappetite is invaluable – the most difficult decision is deciding where to stay in an unfamiliar metropolis, but with the fun and informal breakdown of the different locales of each city on the first panel as you open it out, you get a complete over-view of the city and know which area you want to stay in - for both convenience and ambiance - and which ones are an expensive rip-off… you’re saving money already!
Along with each description in this section, you get a WALKSEE (landmarks and local sights), WANDERBUY (destination streets to shop) and STOPTASTE (specialty food shops and markets) guide. Whether you’re a sight-seer, a shopper or always craving a little something to nibble on – you’ll know which areas to gravitate towards and which ones to steer clear of…
Then, as you flip your Mappetite over, the panels give you a comprehensive area and travel map of the city, with an overview window to explain – there’s no chance of getting lost with this is your pocket. Finally, you fold out the panels to reveal a restaurant guide of the city with one line reviews and a pricing guide – oh yes and the architectural and cultural points of interest too, with beautifully simplified architectural renderings – and a ‘getting in and around’ the city and money guide as well.
Mappetite is well designed, well constructed and well implemented and we would recommend it on your next trip to London, New York or San Francisco, whether you are new to the city or a seasoned visitor – at $14 it’s a must-have.
Not only that, it also makes a fantastic gift and for those of us who’ve been hit too hard by the economy to take a trip lately it makes a great read, inspiring daydreams of future trips or memories of past ones.
Now we just need Mappetites for Paris, Venice and all the major cities on the globe…