New Years Resolutions: Keep up the Good Work

January 23, 2012

Are consumers resolving to eat better in 2012? Find out in the results to the SupermarketGuru consumer panel as well as tips to a successful resolution

We’re a few weeks into the New Year – so what kinds of resolutions did your fellow consumers make this year? Eighty-five percent of the consumer panel are resolving to improve their eating habits. While over 70 percent have made a similar resolution in the past, only 32 percent stuck with their resolution long term and changed their overall eating habits. Let’s hope more of us will stick with the changes this year!

Half of consumers are resolving to eat less sugar, less processed foods, and more foods in their original form, as well as more local foods and lighter portions at night. One-third of those surveyed say they will focus on less fat, calories, sodium, and more organic foods.

Most of us want to improve our life and health as a new year begins, and that is exactly what 65 percent of the panel said - to feel better. Other top desires for 2012? To look better, to have more energy, and to loose weight or maintain current weight. Most of consumers will also exercise to boost results. Half of consumers will also be food shopping more often.

Seventy-two percent of the panel feels they have a pretty good or high chance of success this year. Here are some tips from the SupermarketGuru for New Year’s resolution success:

Make sure to eat a light, nutritious breakfast every day. Try this 1-2-3 punch: a little protein to wake you up, a little carbohydrate for instant energy, and a little fat to feel satisfied.

Create a true power lunch. Instead of pasta specials or multi-layer sandwiches, build your plate around salads, veggies and 2-3 ounces of protein. You’ll lighten your calories, and avoid a mid-afternoon slump.

Vary your fitness routine. If you've been walking, try jogging. If you’ve been using light weights, increase your repetitions. By varying your routine, you’ll not only keep yourself from becoming bored, you’ll challenge your body in new, exciting ways.

Try something new. Sign up for a healthy cooking class, try some seasonal fruits and vegetables at the grocery store you haven’t tried before. Changing your lifestyle has never been more fun.

Add little snippets of exercise into your workday. Park far from your office building entrance or get off the subway/bus a stop or two early. Walk your memo around the building instead of e-mailing it. Every little bit adds up.

SupermarketGuru wants to encourage you to keep up your New Years resolution and healthy lifestyle, don’t get discouraged! You will notice small changes over time and will inspire those around you!