Rome, Italy: Panorama Launches First Bio Shop in a Hypermarket

March 10, 2016

The Venetian company, known in Italian food distribution through so many hypermarkets, now has decided to focus very carefully on a line of organic food.

By Antonello Vilardi, ITALY - RETAIL WATCH ( 

Italian statistics report high demand for organic food able to represent wellness: PANORAMA (active in the specific format of hypermarkets, which is part of the same group whose members are the signs PAM supermarkets), iN's mercato (discount stores) and BREK (restaurants) is using this great opportunity to increase sales, sustain profitability and strengthen customer loyalty through the launch of a "shop in the shop project.”

It was recently inaugurated the “Organic Shop" in the hypermarket of Rome at Via Rigamonti nr.100 (Centro Commerciale “I Granai”), in which the product category takes on such a high relief extended in space, beyond the simple privileged highlighting shelf, to entirely occupy an area of 100 square meters in size.

The hypermarket, with 17 cash desks and a total sales area of around 4,000 square meters, has deployed the assortment of the organic line down the main entrance lane, usually dedicated to the promotional theme, along the perimeter wall between the area of fruit drinks and fruit juices and household - like a sort of dividing line between a food and bazaar section.

The prices of some 1,400 products do not seem particularly exciting, as can be seen, briefly, from the extract that we propose:

  • spaghetti rice paste, 500 grams (bio), ZERO GLUTINE €3.99 ($4.39);
  • acacia honey (bio), 500 grams, FIOR DI LOTO €12.11 ($13.33);
  • soy burger, 180 grams, €3.99 ($4,39);
  • organic apple juice in glass bottles of 750 milliliters €3.99 ($4.39).

The initiative has been strengthened by a special insert inside the main promotional catalog of 32 pages, consisting of six, each of which is dedicated to a specific line, two of which turn out to represent the essential components of which has the basis of the general proposal of the "Bio Shop":

1. FORMAGGI E LATTICINI SENZA LATTOSIO (cheese and dairy products without lactose);

2. SENZA GLUTINE SENZA RINUNCE (no gluten, no waivers);

3. PRODOTTI BIO (bio products);

4. FRESCHE BONTA’ (fresh goodness);

5. I TESORI (the treasures);



1-Cheese and dairy products without lactose.

If the "lactose" is the main sugar within the milk and consequently yoghurt, soft cheeses and butter, the "lactose-free milk" products reduce its concentration to promote better digestibility.

2-No gluten, no waivers.

If the "gluten" is a protein component within wheat, spelled, barley and rye, as well as consequently into flour, bread, pasta, pizza and cookies, nevertheless it can be eliminated without causing nutritional imbalances.

Those suffering from “Celiac disease" have to pay necessary attention to the choice of its consumption. 

3-Bio products.

They are characterized as being references from organic farming, and they are the main axis of every healthy diet.

These products range from milk to coffee, going to jams, honey, yogurt, juices and much more. 

4-Fresh goodness.

They are practical and quick dishes with selected ingredients of first choice, capable of integrating with the need to prepare meals in a convenient and rapid.

5-The treasures.

They are exclusive products belonging to the rich and tasty Italian food tradition.


It is a line of products for the hygiene and the beauty of the body, enriched with oils and plant extracts.