Shoppers Speak Up! #Shrinkflation and #FoodCrimes in Their Stores

February 22, 2023

Shoppers Speak Up! #Shrinkflation and #FoodCrimes in Their Stores

Shrinkflation is a food crime, and shoppers have had enough.

Are you paying attention to the frustration your shoppers are experiencing as food prices continue to challenge budgets? We are! And our followers on Facebook have a lot to say about the food crime of rising prices and shrinking packages.

Last week, Phil walked the supermarket aisles with Inside Edition to discuss examples of “shrinkflation” happening in stores. This is a topic that hits so close to home with consumers that on YouTube alone, the segment has already received over 315K views and prompted nearly 800 comments.

We asked our SupermarketGuru Facebook followers to tell us how they are experiencing this phenomenon, and we received nearly 400 comments in just a few days. Here’s what we asked.

And here are some comments we received. If you’d like to join the conversation or read more shopper responses to this food crime, follow us on Facebook.

“Bacon, bologna, any lunch meat. Canned meals like soup, stew or pasta. Crackers, cereal, breakfast bars, pop tarts, cookies, snacks. Hamburger Helper, rice, beans, pasta, any sauce, sugar, flour, corn meal, box of tea bags, canned beans, tuna, can of corned beef, it's all same size packages but less item in it and cost is way up.. This has been an ongoing thing for several years. Beef and chicken prices going up.”

“This shrinkflation has to stop. I got Keebler crackers. They arer down to three small sleeves, and the price is crazy. It’s a cracker people. That’s poor man’s food.”

“Reynolds kitchen oven bags. At one time I think there were 8 in the box, then 6 and now 5. Cake mixes are down from around 18 oz. to 15.25 oz., which affects certain recipes. For this reason I make most of my cakes from scratch.”

“Chips...Vegetables.....Soup.....Toilet Paper....and on and on !!!!”

“Frozen pizza is smaller. Could get nine slices, now barely eight.”

“Dog food- I used to could get a 50lb bag for $20-21 with tax now it's $25 for a 46lb bag, and they don't even make the 50lb bags anymore.”

“I buy canned Hormel Chili for quick lunches. It used to be so thick, I had to add water. Now it is so watery that I have to add crackers to thicken it.”

“Maybe I am crazy, but I was telling my wife that I think the size of a piece a bread is smaller than it used to be. Anybody else think this? Maybe 3/4 shorter and 3/4th inch less wide.”

“I’ve noticed this a lot the last couple of years! For example, Nabisco graham crackers —used to buy one box, 16 ounces. Now it’s 14 ounces and of course it cost more money! Same with mayonnaise. We used to get 32 ounces and now you get 30 and again it cost more!”

“Tuna fish smaller cans. Dog food smaller cans. Loaf of bread smaller. Margarine smaller container not much inside. Karo syrup smaller bottles. Campbells soup cans smaller. Bag of apples bruised and hollow inside. Saltines still 4 in box but crackers small and crumble. Just a few things I have experienced.”