Stretch Your Dollar: Where to find price drops at grocery stores

May 27, 2024

Stretch Your Dollar: Where to find price drops at grocery stores

(WTNH) – Now to the price drop at the grocery store. After years of inflation, we are Stretching Your Dollar where you may find prices are coming down as we approach the holiday weekend. Attention shoppers – grocery prices are falling for the first time in a year. Cash-strapped consumers are seeing a little relief just in time for that Memorial Day BBQ with prices on food at home down point two percent overall in April, according to the Labor Department. In some cases, prices are down even more, with milk, chicken, fruits and vegetables nearly one percent lower. Apples are down 2.7 percent. For the grillmasters in the family, pork and ribs are down 2.3 percent!


“They’ve been going up considerably since the pandemic. Now they’re actually leveling off and decreasing because of the efficiencies that they’ve had, as well as these retailers pushing back on the price increases,” said the editor at, Phil Lempert.

Retailers who have seen their customers cutting back are also starting to introduce additional savings.

Target announced it’s cutting prices on approximately 5,000 frequently shopped products, including kitchen staples like milk, meat, bread, fruits and vegetables.

Walmart launched bettergoods in April, its biggest private food brand in 20 years with a majority of items under $5.

Also, the fast-growing chain Aldi rolled out additional summer savings, which is cutting prices further on more than 250 items.

This is likely a sign of good things to come. The competition means we’re going to see more retailers getting involved.