SUPERMARKET GENUINE ROME: Flavors of the Mediterranean tradition and convenience COOP

June 09, 2015

A new supermarket opening in Italy, specializes on veganism, house-made gluten-free food, working views and more.

By Antonello Vilardi

UNICOOP TIRRENO (Italy) designated GENUINE Vero Gusto Italiano, brand which belongs to MAX BUSINESS ROMA srl, as a partner to strengthen the development of "FRANCHISING" in the reference area.

In June 2015 it will be operating the first supermarket built "ex novo” (the few other choices were in fact related to acquisitions of existing supermarkets).

UNICOOP TIRRENO is the first and currently the only cooperative COOP ITALY to use the franchise model.

The most significant features of the new supermarket (five cash desks and 1,000 square meters in sales area) are grouped in the following five points:

1. Vast and complete assortment of vegan type;

2. Windows to allow the "working view" of goods handled in laboratories;

3. Wide range of "ready to cook", brand GENUINE, result of traditional recipes from the South of Italy;

4. Possibility of buying the "Pinsa Romana", a novelty in the field of “pizza”, made according to a mixture designed to allow better digestibility;

5. First and only workshop placed inside a supermarket, authorized for the production of gluten-free food.


It’s a way of life as well as food habit that goes beyond the vegetarian diet.

It is based on the refusal to eat any kind of meat (including fish, shellfish and crustaceans) and products derived from it or exploitation, in any form, of animals (milk/dairy products, egg, even honey) in ideological opposition to the activities of livestock industries.

Among the products in the range offered by this supermarket:







Working view.

To be consistent with the commitments of quality and skilful craftsmanship, already summarized in the name, the sign "GENUINE Vero Gusto Italiano” (translated “GENUINE True Italian Taste") rigged supermarket windows in correspondence of the areas where the processes take place: butcher, fresh pasta, “Pinsa Romana”.

“Ready to Cook” line, brand GENUINE.

The list of "ready to cook" brand is long, particularly rich compared to the usual proposals fielded by supermarkets; it is made on the basis of old recipes, inspired by the work of healthy ingredients, developed over time, with the precise flavor of italian southern tradition.

Here, by way of example, a portion indicative of preparations available to customers:

1. Cotoletta di melanzana;

2. Cotoletta di zucchine;

3. Cotoletta di pomodoro;

4. Involtini di melanzana;

5. Involtini di zucchine;

6. Involtini di suino con pancetta;

7. Funghi ripieni;

8. Pomodori ripieni;

9. Polpettone;

10. Melanzane alla pizzaiola.

The "Pinsa Romana".

In the world everyone knows the "pizza" and Italian supermarkets will offer availability, but only a few people know of the existence of the "pinsa". This is the alternative to the pizza; something more digestible, more crisp, more lightweight, admits that even a sweet version. The term comes from the Latin "pinsere", which means "spread".  The recipe is based on a flour composed by the mixture of wheat, soya, rice, dried sourdough.

Artisan workshop of food for gluten intolerant.

Many retailers have shared the aim of implementing its services enriching the sets of references without gluten. This supermarket is even equipped with a workshop, in fact translating the commitment to transparency, quality and authenticity even towards those who suffer difficulty eating normally.

GENUINE Vero Gusto Italiano/COOP: the supermarket will open in Rome, at Viale Eretum, 23.