Supermarket Guru Launches iPhone App to Help Consumers Shop Smart When Filling Their Cart

August 17, 2011

Now shoppers can add the Smarter Shopping with Phil Lempert app to their arsenal.

Consumers are turning to their mobile devices for everything, including shopping. According to Google, 70 percent of consumers have used their smartphones while shopping in-store. In fact, a 2011 BabyCenter Mobile Mom report found that 62 percent of moms shopping with smartphones are using shopping apps. 
Now moms and other shoppers can add the “Smarter Shopping with Phil Lempert” app to their arsenal. In a partnership with ConAgra Foods, this FREE app features the Supermarket Guru’s tips to help lead consumers down the path of smarter shopping, so they save money, eat better and expand their palate and knowledge of the latest food news and trends.
Features of “Smarter Shopping with Phil Lempert” include Lempert’s popular Tip of the Week, which helps consumers make better shopping decisions and save more money at the cash register. In addition to the weekly coupons and frequent shopper cards consumers already use, Lempert’s tips show the “hidden ways to save.” For example, when purchasing New York State Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Lempert suggests buying it from the dairy case rather than a cheese table or from the deli. Cheeses found in the dairy case are typically in a clear plastic wrap rather than fancy packaging, and can save consumers up to 40 percent on their cheese purchase. What consumers might not know is that as a result of federal law, cheeses aged for the same time coming from the same state, will actually be the same product.

The Smart Substitutes feature gives tips on replacement options for common recipes ingredients for health, allergy or weight control reasons. For example, if a recipe calls for one teaspoon of lemon juice, a half teaspoon of white vinegar is an acceptable substitute. Users can access the best uses and benefits of a number of foods and beverages with the Products 101 feature. Use this feature to learn about artificial sweeteners, kosher products, cooking oils, probiotics, shopping with food allergies, an A to Z wine glossary and more.  

“As consumers become more and more discerning of their food purchases, the Label Translator can help demystify ingredients in one, quick tap,” says Lempert. “For example, learn that carrageenan is actually just seaweed, or that docosahexaenoic acid is essentially an Omega-3 fatty acid and good for you!”

Other app features include:

  • The Latest News and food trends with Lempert’s weekly Food News Today webcast, plus Recalls and food safety alerts
  • Lempert’s Hits & Misses feature for reviews and product ratings of the newest products at the grocery store
  • An Organics Guide, which guides shoppers on which organic products are worth the additional cost
  • A Produce Guide that directs consumers to which produce is ripe, or in season, in their area
  • A Recipe Database for quick and easy  recipes that you can sort by occasion, lifestyle and more
  • A Label Translator helps demystify some of the most common ingredients on labels

Download the FREE “Smarter Shopping with Phil Lempert” mobile app to get the best value from every grocery trip at theiTunes® store.