What’s Trending in Food Videos: BuzzFeed's 2 Easy Slow Cooker Desserts

August 26, 2016

The key to this recipe demonstration? It's quick and open for interpretation.

Food videos are hugely popular these days! And we here at SupermarketGuru feel retailers and brands can learn a lot about shoppers, particularly Millennials, from these trending videos. We want to help you keep up to date in this new series where we feature weekly a popular food video!  

It is no secret that BuzzFeed has cracked the code for making food videos that attract attention. One of the reasons these videos work? They are short and get to the point quickly. In addition, we are hearing a lot about how modern shoppers interested in cooking at home, prefer less step by step instruction and would rather have an overview of the process, so they can make the recipe their own adding their own skills and ideas. This BuzzFeed video that features two slow cooker desserts is a great example of how these types of videos work. 

Watch this time-lapse video in 1:10 teach you how to make two different desserts!