2014 Food Trend Prediction #2

The Lempert Report
November 25, 2013

Snacking For a Better You

Whether it’s a quick granola bar post-workout or a few handfuls of almonds before your dinner date, we’ve all done it. Snacking. The mini-meal that tides you over and helps you get through the day. But, with much concern over health and the awareness of how eating affects our bodies long-term, snacking has not always been seen positively. In 2014, you will see brands and nutritionists embrace snacking for better health.

When researching the association between daily snacking frequency and the Healthy Eating Index, the NPD Group found (on average) that as snacking increased so did individuals' overall diet quality (including both snack and meal occasions) - a key finding that shows ‘people who eat snacks have healthier diets. Of course, this also means that food makers are expanding their own offerings to ensure healthier snacks are available. In fact, nearly 60 percent of all snack foods are now positioned as being healthy.

In a recent ConAgra Foods online survey conducted with SupermarketGuru.com, consumers said they were most likely to snack in the afternoon or later at night, with salty snacks named by 69 percent of respondents as the most popular snack, followed by sugary snacks and vegetables named by less than a third of respondents.

Look for supermarkets to capitalize on the healthier snacking trend - especially at the checkout - and replace traditional high-sugar, high-fat snacks with healthier on-the-go offerings including DAVID Seeds and flavored nuts, Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, and Snack Pack pudding fortified with calcium.