2014 Food Trend Prediction #4

The Lempert Report
November 29, 2013

Click to Cook

It is the era of Social media. A time when we are connected through culture, news, stories and experiences from all around the world at lightning speed. The food industry can benefit from this, allowing consumers to learn about the products they love to eat and connect with brands on a social level like never before. The powerful Millennial population is making our food experiences more social, and in 2014 we will see technology shape how consumers shop, influence their food preferences, and change what product brands offer to meet consumer needs.

As consumers continue to rely on technology for the sake of convenience and saving time, people will begin to rely more on their mobile phones when grocery shopping. In a recent online ConAgra Foods survey, one third of consumers reported using their mobile phone while at the grocery store, most often to refer to shopping lists and recipes.

Technology will continue to play an important role as more shoppers choose to use their mobile devices in-store to save money and compare ingredients and prices. Look for the next phase of technology to offer the ability to select a recipe, order ingredients and check-out directly from mobile devices or in-car touch screens.

Watch for grocery retailers to install drive-through windows for order pickup as a way to compete with same day delivery eRetail competitors. In 2014, consumers will increasingly turn to online shopping sites for mealtime staples like Hunt’s® freshly-canned tomatoes, Egg Beaters® natural egg whites and Rosarita® beans, and will use tools like ReadySetEat.com which allows users to not only find recipes, but also nearby deals on the ingredients.

While the need for connectivity and information will only increase due to our culture’s reliance on technology, food companies will adapt by placing recipes and shopping all in one, and adding drive thru windows to speed up your chores. These advancements will be the answer that allows consumers to keep with their “on-the-go” and “always connected” lifestyles.