$759 Million For Internet

The Lempert Report
November 02, 2022

Phil: Okay, let's talk about some serious things. So the Biden-Harris administration is giving $759 million to bring high speed internet access to communities across rural America. This is great news. You know, we've talked a lot on Farm Food Facts about how farmers don't have internet access, but in looking at the details of this, I don't know, I don't think it's a boondoggle, but just to give you some idea, in Alaska they got $30 million. And what they're doing for that $30 million is connecting 301 people, 17 businesses and three educational facilities to high speed internet. That's it. 301 people. Now in, Alabama, $24 million. And they're connecting 4,646 people, 154 farms, 96 businesses. In California, here in California, $17.6 million to connect 321 people, seven farms, six businesses, and three public schools. And probably the one that makes me laugh the hardest, maybe cry because this is our tax dollars going to work ,in Guamthey're getting $29 million. And what they're doing with the $29 million is to connect two people to high speed internet in Guam. Two people, I don't want to be a downer, but with, you know, this three quarters of a billion dollars going for internet access. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. What do you think? 

Sally: Well, this is part of President Biden's bipartisan infrastructure law, where this is supposed to provide 65 billion to expand HighSpeed internet to communities all around the US. And although what you were just telling us, you know, about it seems crazy to spend that amount of money to get two people online. Overall this is important because it's important for our farming communities for them to be able to have this high speed internet so that they can take advantage of technology that helps with sustainability and managing waste. So those are very important things. This also helps people who start small businesses get up and running. And another really big thing, Phil, is that, you know, this might help provide access to more food options to people in areas that, you know, if they can't have internet, then they can't order their groceries, they can't order food. So, think that that internet has gone beyond being a luxury for us, and now it is certainly a necessity. Like kids need to have the internet to keep up in school. So, I'm really happy to see this happen. And hopefully, you know, those numbers, you know, those two people in Guam, that what they're building there will service more than two people. 

Phil: Yeah, We can only hope. We can only hope.