$9 A Day Challenge

The Lempert Report
January 31, 2023

Phil: So, Sally, I love this $9 a day challenge. I love it for a bunch of reasons. Jacqueline Gomes, a friend of ours at the RDBA side of life is the face of the $9 a day challenge, basically working with Allegiance. Allegiance is a wholesaler that provides Food Town, Fresh Town, D'agostino, Pathmark, Labella Marketplace, Brooklyn Harvest Market Fresh, Martin Williams, big Deal, Food Market, Greenway Markets and Shopping Bag, mostly in the New York metro area with a lot of services. And this $9 a day challenge is fabulous. They've worked closely with the chef of the New York State Public Schools to develop it. It's healthy, high quality meals on a budget of just $9 a day. What can I make for $9 a day? 

Sally: Well, Phil, you are right. Jacqueline Gomes is fantastic. I wanna give her a big shout out. I watched these videos and she's got a great personality. And also the information is really great for shoppers. You know, all of these stores under Allegiance, you know, that they're servicing. These are locally family owned and operated stores, and so they're very in touch with, you know, economically what's going on with family on, with families, and how to feed them on just a little bit of money. So, for example, what sh what what they're doing is they, they start with a base protein. So, one series, the chicken is the protein. So, you've got your chicken for the day, and then you've got a, you've got a breakfast sandwich. They show you how to make out of chicken, a pesto, broccoli chicken salad for lunch, and then a tomato basil chicken, and it all adds up to $9. Now, there's, on the dinner, there's, there's really not any sides included in that. So you may spend a little extra if you get, you know, some rice or some pasta or a vegetable to go along with it. But it's really a brilliant and very helpful campaign to consumers, I believe. 

Phil: And what Jackie has really done is she hit right on the nose, she's hitting, you know, the high price of food. She's hitting health, and she's making it in bite size, pardon the pun, bite size segments that people can do it. So yeah, kudos to Jackie. Great, great retail dietitian leading the way, once again.