A fruit fly invasion and Doritos showing the colors of the rainbow!

The Lempert Report
September 30, 2015

This Week in Food News!

Fruit Fly Invasion
85 square miles of farmland has been quarantined in Florida to combat the Oriental fruit fly. The pesky insects, which attack all fruits and veggies, were first seen near Miami and authorities have since banned the transport of most fruits and vegetables from Redland, one of the nation's most productive agricultural areas. This plus the drought has meant for a tough year for growers. 
Order Anywhere with Starbucks App! 
Your morning latte just got easier. Starbucks' popular Mobile Order and Pay option is now available nationwide! The company just announced that at a total of 7400 stores across the country, you can forgo the line, order and pay on your phone, use the app's map to find the nearest location, and then be told how long you'll have before your coffee is ready! That morning commute just keeps getting better! 
Rainbow Doritos Coming Soon! 
Doritos is keeping themselves relevant….with rainbow colored chips! Why? Well the snack brand has teamed up with "Its Gets Better" to produce limited edition bags of rainbow Doritos in support of the LGBT community.  You can donate to "Its Gets Better" online and donors of $10 (or more) to the nonprofit will receive a bag of rainbow Doritos - all of the proceeds go straight to the organization and Doritos will cover the shipping cost! Make a few donations now and you can start collecting some colorful snacks for your holiday parties!