Amazon Leads the Omnichannel Way

The Lempert Report
July 06, 2015

Amazon creates buzz with their latest sales trick, find out what food retailers can learn from this!

Amazon is again showing its ability to appeal to consumers and create a buzz with their recent announcement of the "Treasure Truck". It's basically a standard delivery truck but pimped out to look like a typical Amazon package that will drive around offering a single item for sale at a heavily discounted price. Shoppers will use Amazon’s mobile shopping app to check out where the truck is and what’s on sale that day, purchase and then pick it up later. The truck was due to launch in Seattle in late June but was then delayed, and should be hitting the streets again soon.  

Despite customers having to wait a little longer to indulge in this intriguing new sales tactic, Amazon already succeeded in creating buzz and getting shoppers to check out their site as well as showing people they are willing and able to appeal to consumers in any innovative way they can.  They are constantly giving themselves the omni-channel edge that food retailers should be looking to emulate.

Amazon is a key reason why supermarkets need urgency in their efforts to connect with customers in all ways from digital to in-store. Amazon, as we've seen, already appeals to shoppers so skillfully, it will no doubt encroach further on supermarket share via private label, Prime, Fresh and other food initiatives. Thanks to Amazon, and the growing omni-channel skills of large retailers such as Target or Walmart now more than ever supermarkets need to persuade shoppers during key moments on their path to purchase to secure trips. The earlier contact, engagement and influence begin the better.  

Supermarkets should also use omni-channel content to promote themselves as innovative experts in the post-purchase use, enjoyment and safety of foods and beverages.  This differs from focusing on pre-purchase points such as ingredients, nutrition, pricing and sourcing – which are also important, but not distinguishable from what any retailer (including Amazon) can do. Food stores that do this could improve both the buying experience and the post-purchase experience – a significant improvement from where most supermarkets are today in their omni-channel skills set.