Amy's Kitchen Gets A Drive Through, Amazon Gets Physical & Food Stamps for Delivery

The Lempert Report
August 12, 2015

This week in Food News!

AMAZON GETS PHYSICAL? Looks like Amazon expanding into a physical space by developing a drive up store concept in Silicon Valley. This latest concept from the e-giant will allow consumers to order grocery items online, and then schedule a pickup at a dedicated facility. No official word from the company itself but their rumored first location is said to be in Sunnyvale, CA

FOOD STAMPS FOR DELIVERY The USDA has recently proposed that homebound seniors and disabled persons should be able to use SNAP benefits to cover the cost of food delivery from government and non-profit agencies. At this point the plan is just in the pilot stage and the Department is currently looking for 20 programs to host the one-year tryout program. But with about 9.3 million seniors lacking reliable access to nutritious food, it seems like an important option. 
AMY'S KITCHEN GETS A DRIVE THROUGH Fans of frozen-food company Amy's Kitchen, will be happy with this news. The company known for vegetarian, non-GMO, and organic frozen meals has recently opened Amy's Drive Thru restaurant in Rohnert Park near San Francisco. From a veggie burger called 'The Amy' to pizzas, burritos and salads all the food is made from scratch on the premises.  No word yet on when they'll expand, but no doubt this will prove a popular departure from other fast food options.