Appealing to the Hispanic Shopper

The Lempert Report
October 17, 2014

The growing ranks of Hispanic consumers represent almost one sixth of the U.S. population and as such, are of constant interest to marketers.

A new report by research publisher "Packaged Facts”, Hispanic Food Shoppers in the U.S., offers some insights into how retailers can tap into this large group.

For example:
1)  Over the past decade Latinos have begun to spend relatively more on packaged foods and less on fresh produce and meats.  As a result, their food buying habits are beginning to mirror those of American consumers.

2) Since food preferences can vary considerably across national groups, one of the key components of a strategy to market to Hispanic food shoppers is to recognize the diversity of the Hispanic population in the United States. 

3) Compared to food shoppers on average, Hispanic food shoppers are much more concerned about preservatives, additives, antibiotics and hormones in meat and poultry, as well as the use of GMOs in animal feed. 

4)  With the exception of Puerto Ricans, Hispanics of all national origins prefer not to buy numerous mainstream American food products such as peanut butter, pretzels and pickles.

And a final note for retailers – according to the report, fewer than 4 in 10 Hispanic food shoppers find Spanish-language labeling to be helpful and barely a third remember more about or pay more attention to products and services that are advertised in Spanish.