Chipotle’s New Drive Thru Is An Idea Worth Testing

The Lempert Report
August 23, 2018

Chipotle’s New Drive Thru Is An Idea Worth Testing

Drive-thru windows are cropping up at Chipotle restaurants across the country, and these drive-thrus are a little different from the typical fast food order and pick-up lanes.

Customers don't have to strain their necks to yell thru a microphone and have a sometimes inaudible order taker repeat their order back – hopefully correctly - they do it ahead of time through Chipotle's app or online.

Diners are provided with a pick-up time once they place their order and can drive through the mobile order lane to grab their meal without having to go inside the store – or deal with an annoying decades old audio technology.

This also relieves the stress of being put on the spot as your turn comes to view the outdoor menu signs, figure out what you want to order and keep looking in your rear view mirror to see just how many cars are piling up behind you. You can leisurely decide what you want to order in the palm of your hand.

Digital orders typically take about 12 minutes to be filled according to the company and those who use the app can order a meal hours in advance, selecting the specific time they want to pick it up when they place their order.

Its not a new idea – in fact we tested it, albeit with a different technology where someone would order online and that generated a fax that went to a kitchen in the Victorian – a catering space where we tested Phil’s Take Out well over ten years ago.

Its time again to take a look at how this idea can be translated to supermarkets and grocerants. Yes, we have click & collect, but lets move the needle even faster – and shrink that 2 hour window to meet the time strapped needs of shoppers.