Delivery Expectations

The Lempert Report
February 16, 2022

Sally: Well, Phil let's start today with this Instacart Shopper situation. So an Instacart shopper went on TikTok, which is hugely popular and she just, I can as went off about this request that she got, from a customer, there were things in the list, you know, very aggressive things in the list. Like, please take a picture of your bags, that keep the foods cool so that I know that they're they're insulated well enough and I can approve them. She was very demanding of about communication throughout the store. And so this, this Instacart shopper denied the order, but also went on TikTok and complained about it. And it has almost 160,000 views with over 1400 comments. 

Phil: So let's take a look. We're gonna play you this TikTok video. And then I've gotta comment that as I've been watching this and thinking about it, that may be behind the whole thing. So Tony let's let's play it guys. 

InstaQueen: I am screaming right now. This customer left this note in her order and I am shocked. Please read this, please. She gonna say, please send me a photo of your insulated cooling bags in your shopping cart immediately before shot. Otherwise I will call incar promptly and cancel this order to reschedule with a different shopper. What if you don't have the insulated cooling bags or enough of them to keep my food items, temperature controlled, or you do have insulated cooling bags, but only plan on using 'em during delivery. Then don't pick up my order. Some shoppers leave their cooling bags in their cars and only use them during delivery, not acceptable. She says also, if you're doing batch orders, then don't pick up my order. I've had too many groceries to spoil because it takes longer to do batch shopping. What she said, please respond to my messages prompting while shopping and follow my shopping slash bagging slash delivery instructions per item. Especially if I have chicken meat and milk and my order, please make sure after check out that my items are bagged properly per my instructions, just to grocery bagger won't know what they are. Ooh. Y'all could read the rest. Good luck to who got this. Cause I was my pants. If I had this order, 

Phil : Now I give this Instacart Shopper a lot of credit. There's no question about it. I can feel her anger, but Sally have to wonder, I mean, this is great PR for Instacart. Do you think maybe they put her up to it? 

Sally: I'm not sure, but I do, but I do feel her frustration. And I think that we do need, to educate customers on how to treat these workers a little bit better. Hopefully this doesn't happen to them often, but, but there have been a lot of people going on social media that, that have these jobs and complaining about these, this type of, behavior from CU, from customers. 

Phil : So now you're an Instacart Shopper and you complain about Instacart and now you're complaining about the customer.