Dollar Stores Want Their Share Of Online

The Lempert Report
July 15, 2016

Take a look at Hollar, an online store with plans to change the way America shops.

David Yeom, a former VP at The Honest Company, has a new startup: Hollar. He also has a team of execs and investors who have extensive retail experience including one from 99 cents stores. 

After six months, sales are already at $1 million a month. It’s top selling item, before selling out, was the Glow Pets Light-Up Jumbo Pillow Pet – selling 1,000 units a day. 

Like most Dollar Stores, name brands are key: Ty, Cheerios, Disney, Revlon as well as other sports and national brands and most of the items it sells are closeouts – discontinued items, old packaging or overstocks. All the products are verified they are the real brands. No knockoffs here. 

And no bricks & mortar. Hollar is just an online store with plans to change the way America shops, by looking for name brand bargains and saving lots of dollars. 

Looking at the site, I couldn’t find any dollar items, but did find a lot of great buys at $2, $3 and $4. The minimum order is $10 – spend more than $25 and shipping is free. I did see a lot of things that I would by, electronics, foods and health & beauty products and there is no doubt that a lot of the attraction for me was the impulse to get them for just a couple bucks. The site is well designed, clean looking and may I say, classier than the typical feeling one has when walking into a dollar store. 

The company tells Business Insider that its main customers are millennial moms from the middle of the country. They also revealed their plan to have more than 500 of its own Hollar brand products by the end of this year.

The founder, who admits he is personally a dollar store junkie, says, "cheap doesn't mean it can't be good."