Dominos Heads to Italy and Tipping is Banned in NYC restaurants.

The Lempert Report
October 21, 2015

This week in Food News!

Danny Meyer has banned tipping at his NYC restaurants,
Gramercy Tavern and The Modern. Instead, diners will notice higher prices across the board. Why? Meyer told NPR; "I think that restaurant patrons have unwittingly believed that they could, if they wanted to, use their tip to punish bad service and, or to praise great service. What that's done over the years is actually been quite the opposite because the average American restaurant goer leaves the exact same pit irrespective of the service they receive. And unfortunately none of those tips that you leave in a restaurant may be shared with the full team, i.e. the cooks, the dishwashers, the prep cooks, the butchers, etc..." Will Meyers be setting a new trend for restaurant owners?

American pizza giant Domino’s is headed to the mother country… Italy! The US style pizza favorite just opened their first store in Milan!
According to the company Dominos' Pizza Italia will be offering a slightly different menu  using Italian products from Prosciutto to Mozzarella. And yes, their speedy online ordering and delivery will also be available!

Good news wine lovers! A new study suggests that
a glass of red wine is safe and possibly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.  Researchers at a University in Israel found that people who followed a healthy diet and drank a glass of red wine at dinner for two years ended up with better HDL or “good” cholesterol and other good health-related factors than people on the same diet who drank mineral water. Cheers!