FDA's New Symbol

The Lempert Report
April 14, 2022

Phil: So finally, after a number of years the FDA is going to test and focus group, um, new, healthy food labels, um, it's called what's in a label. Um, I, I know you probably can't see the, oh, Tony put it up. Great. Yeah. So, you know, they, they've got all these different logos that they're gonna do. I don't think this is the problem. I really, really don't. I think that the problem is not having yet another label on a product. I'm gonna talk about that a little bit in the Lempert Report today, but also the problem is the guidelines that they've got allow for a lot of low fat, but high in sugar products to be labeled healthy and foods like nuts and almonds and salmon were not able to do it. So it's, it's unbelievable to me when I'm reading this Food Dive has reported that 90% of people still confused by food packaging have trouble figuring out which claims actually indicate the healthiest choices.

Phil: The study was conducted by a test and they also found that over 50% of respondents said they would appreciate clear nutritional labeling on the front of the label. So, so the issue is not having a logo. You know, it's being able to empower consumers to understand what those logos logos mean.