Feeding Our Future Fraud

The Lempert Report
March 30, 2023

Here's a sad story. There's this organization, a nonprofit called Feeding Our Future. Their premise is to feed people who are hungry, people that are in schools. And so far there have been 60 people charged for milking our federal money to the tune of $250 million. The first wave of indictments started in September. The government has seized back about $66 million in property. And just to give you some idea, I mean, there are people who say they serve 1.46 million meals to children. That didn't happen. Here's somebody else who allegedly claimed to serve 2,500 meals every day. There's someone who took the money and bought real estate, a Tesla and an Infinity SUV. Someone else bought a laundromat. The list goes on and on and, you know, it's terrible when anybody steals, but when you steal food from kids, it's gotta gotta be 10 times worse. 

Sally: Yes. I'm not sure how you sleep at night, taking food from children. The money that they received through this program came from the Federal Child Nutrition Program. So this is federal money that has been designated to feed children and make sure that they are not living in food insecurity. So, hopefully justice will be served and other people will think about this before they do that. 

Phil: Yeah. And, you know, our, our government is doing a lousy job. I've gotta say that, you know, to waste $250 million without any kind of oversight to make sure that these things don't happen. I mean, our Senators and our Congressmen in Washington better start getting their act together and really worrying about important things like this versus the nonsense that they're focused on.