Focusing on the Health Conscious

The Lempert Report
February 13, 2015

What should retailers be focusing on to connect with customers?

Increasingly consumers are looking for ways to live a healthy lifestyle and retailers are making the most of it.

At a recent session at Retail’s BIG Show, Ann Clurman of Futures Consulting spoke on the topic and said, quote:  “Consumers are bent on maximizing their wellbeing and are becoming more intentional about the products they buy … Wellbeing is being seen more by consumers as something that’s possible.”

 As noted in National Retail Federation website (, a few retailers also spoke at this session at the Retail BIG Show, on what they’re doing to connect with the health driven consumer. CVS for example, stopped selling tobacco products in 2014, which while losing a potential 2 Billion in sales showed customers they are dedicated to helping them improve their health. Grant Pill, VP of merchandising for CVS Health, shared that a Gallup poll indicated that more than half of consumers felt the decision helped them understand the brand and what differentiates the company from competitors.

Then there’s the grocery store Giant Eagle, which now has dieticians and health professionals to counsel customers in stores. According to Caroline Passerrello, corporate dietitian with Giant Eagle, who spoke at Retail’s BIG Show, customers spend 5 to 7 percent more after meeting with a dietician.

With customers becoming increasingly interested in their health, and focused on how stress and poor diet can affect overall health, this session at Retail’s BIG Show serves as reminder to all retailers that finding ways to connect with customers in this area is key. From diet, health & wellness to physical fitness, helping customers with their desire to be healthier and happier will strengthen customer loyalty and prove a winning sales strategy.