From character driven Bento boxes to bracelets featuring your favorite food

The Lempert Report
November 04, 2015

Check out the latest in this weeks food news!

Looking for a holiday gift idea? Check out Delicacies. Designer Nicole Nelson teamed up with Chef Andrew Zimmern to make a new line of bracelets featuring ingredients as the charm. So from Basil, to Cacao to Garlic to Chicken or Coffee.. the list goes on…whatever your favorite ingredient is, you can now wear it on your wrist! And the best part is? Every purchase creates “Delicacies Dollars” — money donated directly to food shelves and food banks that fight hunger and food insecurity.
IS SWEDEN GOING CASHLESS?  Sweden is fast dropping cash for phones and credit cards. A recent article in Fast Company, notes that by the end of last year, four out of every five transactions in the country were cashless and furthermore,  the amount of money in circulation has dropped around 40% to 50% over the last six years. One reason for this growing trend? An app called Swish.  Started by Swedish banks, the app allows people to digitally transfer funds between bank accounts as quickly as handing over cash.
FOOD WITH A FACE  A new foodie trend coming out of Asia brings some extra life to your food!  It's called "character bento" and basically people have been turning anything from rice balls, noodle plates and buns into some pretty cute characters and faces. Foodies have been sharing their creations on instagram and other social media, and turning your average lunch into something a little more fun!