From Cows In Supermarkets to a New Trend In Breathable Cocktails

The Lempert Report
August 26, 2015

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Silicon Valley Diets Check out the new diet trend from Silicon Valley! "Biohacking!", the idea is that you see your body like a computer and try and optimize performance. John Walker – founder of  software company Autodesk – wrote ‘The Hacker’s Diet’ and suggests diets should be approached like “an engineering problem" – with a model of how many calories are consumed and expended and a log of how this impacts our weight.

Cows in the Aisles A supermarket in the UK was a little crowded this week as Farmers, protestingthe price they receive for producing milk, marched their cows through the store aisles!  In a number of other stores farmers protested by emptying shelves of milk.  Here in the U.S., with bird flu making chicken prices a little unpredictable, perhaps  we'll start seeing chickens walking up and down the aisle?

Alcohol in the Air Want the effects of alcohol without having to drink? A new bar in London is made for you!  Alcoholic Architecture, has an interesting signature cocktail: an aerosolized cloud of alcohol that you start breathing as soon as you walk in the food! The beverage is so strong you that need to wear a special protective suit to protect your skin and it will get you drunk 40% quicker than drinking the same mixture in liquid form.