Google Bowls

The Lempert Report
March 17, 2022

Phil: Talking about heads rolling Google has decided that they're gonna take a strong position on food waste and what they did. Now that more people are coming back and just to give you some idea, Google has offices in 170 cities worldwide. 

Phil: So we're talking about a huge, huge amount of employees here. So what they decided to do because they, they offer free food is they're giving out bowls that were an inch less deep. So therefore, you know, people, people can go back and get as much as they want, but they eliminated a substantial amount of waste, 30 to 70% less waste. And this goes back to some of the experiments that were being done up at Cornell by Brian Wansink, who would, you know, fool around with different size plates. I don't know if he ever did bowls, but just different things like that. And, and I think that if, if this is a success for Google, this is really something that every restaurant, every restaurant, everybody who's concerned about ways should be following. 

Sally: Yes, I agree. It, it, I remember those studies from Cornell and it does seem like a very effective way to sort of unconsciously change your perception of how much you eat. I also thought it was really interesting that, you know, Google has a really big impact they can make here because they're making enough meals that they're larger than some fast food chains. So this is, this is not just a small company taking a stand. This is a really, really big impact. In addition, they're, they're taking a lot of other steps to work towards a zero waste plan. 

Phil: Yeah. I give them a, a lot of credit for doing it. They've been involved in food for long time, not only giving their employers food, but using Google to help from a technology standpoint in the food world. They work with a lot of retailers, grocery retailers throughout the country. So, yeah thumbs up, kudos to, to Google.