Google Earth for the Human Body

The Lempert Report
March 12, 2015

Understanding the food effects on our body

We talk a lot about innovative food products, but what about innovations that help us understand how food affects our body? BioDigital is a company that's created "Google Earth for the human body." 

It's called BioDigital Human, the world’s first 3D human visualization platform which uses innovative 3D technology to explain everything from how your body absorbs food to complex medical conditions and concepts, via diagrams, widgets and videos. 

Frank Sculli Co-Founder & CEO, BioDigital 

It starts with a very detailed image of the human body that shows you what's happening on the inside, not just the anatomy but the physiology, human conditions, treatments. And then in parallel we built a very sophisticated 3D real time simulation platforms to run all these interactive models. We provided visualization solutions to a range of clients in healthcare for over a decade and while the technology proved to be a very effective means of communication, it wasn't very accessible, and this platform fundamentally addresses that problem. It makes it much more cost effective and accessible to anyone.
Seeing is believing, for the first time we can really show people what's happening within the human body, and that has a profound impact on people's behavior. For example, looking at BMI, the number is very abstract. But if you can show people the fatty tissue around their organs, and how it's impacting organ function, then that can really have an impact on their behavior. It makes it much more real and understandable and actionable.
We can show, based on the consumption of the food, or the types of food, downstream, the cellular process, what impact that's going to have on anyone's C level for a diabetic and things like the obstruction in their arteries. From obesity to diabetes, food & diet related issues are huge in the States, how can BioDigital Human help in this area?

There's a web version, that's open and available to anyone at, we also have an app in the iTunes store, and in google play which you can find by simply searching BioDigital.