Green Mediterranean

The Lempert Report
April 01, 2022

Phil: But there's a study that and we all know the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, but there's a new study that's come out that says even there's a greener, Mediterranean diet, which eliminates all meat and provides even extra greens. And the health benefits are enormous by doing that. 

Sally: Yes, the study really shows, you know, like you said, we we've already seen for years and years, research has shown us that the, or told us that the Mediterranean diet was one of the best diets that you could follow out there. And, and that diet, that diet includes a lot of vegetables and seeds and a little bit of seafood and a little bit of meat. This alternative the green Mediterranean diet just takes the meat out completely. So this is a eating better for your body, but also eating better for the planet. And whether or not you are planning on going, you know, completely vegetarian or vegan. There are some things definitely, there are some takeaways from the study to learn about becoming, eating more plant based. And some of the things that I saw, you know, in this study that were most interesting to me is about brain a atrophy, sorry. This study showed that in subjects 50 years or old, both med diets were it, it was significantly reduced shrink shrinkage of the hippo Hammus, which is the part of our brain that helps us with our memory. 

Phil: What? 

Phil: I guess I have to worry about that once I'm over 50. But no, I, I think the, the study is really good. Really worth a look. One question I have, and I'm not able to figure this out. And I looked a number of times in the study, what they also are doing is including walnuts in the diet. And I was searching to see whether or not the Walnut council or California walnuts or somebody was funding the, a study. I couldn't find it out but walnuts are a great, healthy way. Any nuts to, to add to your diet, whether it's almonds, which are rich and calcium and, yeah. Fruits and nuts and vegetables important in all of our diets.