Here Are The Next Food Trends

The Lempert Report
September 14, 2017

Full Tilt Marketing recently surveyed 37 food bloggers from across the country to get their perspective on what they view the as the hottest food trends.

Street-food inspired dishes ranked the highest on the list, which is not surprising since this trend has been escalating over the past few years and the National Restaurant Association named street food one of the leading food trends for 2017. 

Jackfruit and other plant-based protein sources ranked a close second as consumers seek healthier alternatives. 

The majority of bloggers stated that healthy is top of mind for their followers. Not surprisingly, healthy meals for kids and veggie-centric meals also ranked high on their list. 

As one blogger stated, “Nowadays, healthy, organic, sustainable foods that cater to our lifestyles are of key importance when it comes to being a recipe developer and food blogger. From my perspective healthy, organic, sustainable aren’t buzzwords, they are all important food trends.” 

In addition, the locally grown trend remains important for consumers as this blogger noted, “Consumers want to understand where their food comes from, now more than ever.”    

Melinda Goodman, managing partner at Full Tilt, said that  “Trends are dynamic with a variety of perspectives from multiple industry facets — with trend setters telling us what’s next. What’s interesting about bloggers is how plugged into they are to actual consumer feedback, not agenda. Their businesses are driven by clicks and page views so they know firsthand what drives consumers to help us understand what’s happening on the front lines.”