Hormel Goes Organic and NYC Food Carts get Solar Panels

The Lempert Report
June 03, 2015

Plus, Why are Bloody Mary's Better in tHe Air and Coffee Mugs from Coffee Grounds

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WHY BLOODY MARYS ARE BETTER IN THE AIR! Ever wonder why Blood Mary’s and champagne are popular drinks when flying? Well, some scientists from Cornell have done the research! According to a recent study, the loud noise produced by jet engines enhances human taste buds’ perceptions of savory flavors, such as tomato. In addition, 85 decibels of the jet engine suppress our desires of sweet foods!  http://news.discovery.com/adventure/travel/why-that-bloody-mary-tastes-so-good-inflight-15021.htm

HORMEL GOES ORGANIC Hormel Foods taking a step towards organic.  The company is paying $775 million to buy organic processed meats maker Applegate Farms. This purchase is Hormel’s largest acquisition and should help them win over the growing number of customers who are looking for deli meats and other animal products that received no antibiotics or growth hormones and were fed a 100% vegetarian diet. As Hormel Foods Chief Executive Jeffrey Ettinger said, “A growing number of consumers are choosing natural and organic products.” http://www.wsj.com/articles/hormel-to-buy-organic-meat-maker-1432671859

NYC FOODS CARTS GET SOLAR PANALS! If you’ve been to NYC you’re no stranger to the cities huge number of food carts!  Well, apparently these icons are no good for the planet!  With most running off diesel or propane generator, which for some run up to about 14 hours, they’re releasing high quantities of greenhouse-gas emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. The solution?  A new pilot program between the city and a Queens-based company called MOVE Systems to cut down on that pollution by at least 60 percent. MOVE has been working on a new kind of food cart that’s powered by a battery-generated electricity and solar energy. The goal is to have a fleet of 500 new carts up and running by the summer of 2016, with the first 100 slated to roll out this summer! http://www.wired.com/2015/05/stop-killing-earth-nycs-food-carts-get-solar-panels

COFFEE MUGS FROM COFFEE GROUNDS With all the coffee we drink and all the cups we buy on the go, you can imagine the amount of coffee grounds and coffee cups that end up in a landfill. Well a German designer has a solution! Julian Lechner has invented a coffee cup made from coffee grounds!  Lechner calls his line of cups and saucers Kaffeeform. They are made from grounds Lechner collects from Berlin cafes. He mixes the grounds with natural glues and sustainably sourced wood particles to create a liquid that can be injection-molded into new cups. They are currently on display at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, but don’t worry, you can buy them too! Check out kaffeeform dot com. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3046624/wanted/old-coffee-grounds-turned-into-mugs-for-drinking-more-coffee-of-course