It's all about Ice Cream... and Alcohol

The Lempert Report
August 23, 2022

As of August 2021, 39% of Americans say that beer is there go to drink. And Miller High Life wants to be their ice-cream of choice. Yes it does contain five percent alcohol – they are actually infusing the ice cream with, you got it, Miller High Life, and peanut and caramel swirls.  There is also a sprinkle of ‘carbonated’ candy – reminds me of those Pop Rocks days…and it is dipped in dark chocolate. Got your taste buds flowing yet? Well before you get too excited…. The flavor is called “Dive Bar” – not to be confused with Dove bar. The peanut swirl is in honor of the quintessential dive bar snack – peanuts. There is a hint of tobacco smoke flavor and the caramel swirl is intended to mimic the sticky dive bar floor. The carbonated candy is there to mimic the fizziness of beer and the dark chocolate topping is meant to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting ambiance of a dive bar. Now I haven’t tasted it and have no idea about the nutritionals. If you want to give it a try I’d love to have you come on to The Lempert Report and give us a taste test review. You can find the Miller High Life Dive Bar at – 6 bars for $36.