Kroger to the Rescue?

The Lempert Report
February 02, 2022

Phil: Kroger is in the news for a whole bunch of reasons, but why don't you go first and talk to us about what they're doing, what your experience has been over the weekend. And then I've got another note to share.

Sally:  Kroger has taken on this zero hunger, zero waste initiative, which is very exciting. They have directed more than 213 million in funds to help organizations, innovators, and people across the country that are trying to waste less because we're wasting 35% of the food produced, and 42 million Americans are struggling with hunger. So they've got a variety of different ways that they are approaching this. Some of those ways are with something called a Chefbot that you can find on Twitter. I've got three ingredients in my fridge, you know, what can I make with these three things instead of throwing these items away and the Chefbot is supposed to reply to you with an idea. Now I did tweet today with your account, Phil. some ingredients. So I haven't heard back yet, but we'll see what we find out that they have ideas for. So that's one of the things and then they're also giving people, they wanna give people ideas on how to  organize their refrigerators, so that you can not waste food. And there are some really great ideas in this things that I had no idea. 

Phil: Yeah. So, you know, when I look at this list, I agree. I think it's a great idea, and you're gonna talk about what they should do next with it, but their first tip, and I don't know about you, but I've never done this in my life. their first tip is don't stack food on the top of your refrigerator because of the heat that comes up from the top of your refrigerator. Mm-hmm, I've never put food on the top of my refrigerator, have you?

Sally: Well, I have not, but my mother put loaves of bread on top of the refrigerator. 

Phil: Mm-hmm, interesting. Okay. So at least we have a focus group of one. So you know, we have these don't stock stack food on top of your fridge. Don't put your products just anywhere telling you where you should put them in the store. Don't over stuff, your fridge, common sense, rotate your produce. Common sense. I do disagree with this. They say, keep the freshest produce in one cripser draw and the older produce in the other one. So you know which one to eat first, totally disagree. You should have one for fruits and one for vegetables, because the vegetables actually give off gases that can mold and expire the fruit faster. So they're wrong on that one, and they should be at different temperatures for your crispers. Practice portion control. Absolutely. But you have an idea that goes beyond this, right?

Sally: Well, yes. You know, when I, when I look at all of this it makes me very excited. I shop at Kroger. I have one less than a mile from my house. I'm there a few times a week, or I'm ordering delivery, which I've been doing a lot in the past few years. However, these initiatives that they're talking about, I have never heard of them as a consumer in the store or when I'm on the website, which is a few times a week, I'm on the Kroger website, and I have not heard of Chefbot. I have not heard these fridge ideas. So I went to search this to find out where it is and it's not on These initiatives are on the So they're communicating this as ideas about their business to maybe other business people. But consumers aren't going to the They're going to

Phil: Absolutely. And you know, those are pictures of your a Kroger that you shot over the weekend. And what about a little signage? Just giving people, you know, at point of sale, these helpful hints as well. Exactly. So, you know, that's some good news, a little tweak for Kroger to do, but also I wanna read based on last week's episode what I received from one of the workers at King Soopers, and indulge me for a second. "

Good morning. I just saw you on CNN. I'm one of the strikers here in Aurora, Colorado. I was getting paid $12.60 and as you know, that's not enough, especially here in a high state. Since striking, more folks are stealing food. I'm seeing them walk in and walk right out with a backpack full of food. I don't know if you know this, but King Soopers received a huge amount of money to give to workers as COVID was hitting. And we continue to work, ask Mr. Bernie Sanders, not one dime went to any of the workers. So I would ask one of the CEOs why the money wasn't distributed to the workers who were working as COVID hit us all as this world gets greedier more folks will shoplift. This reminds me of the old movie called The Purge, have a great Saturday. And thank you for reading and listening."

Stephanie, thanks so much for sending that in. Good comments.