Lidl Saves

The Lempert Report
June 08, 2022

Phil: A couple years ago the industry was about ready to write off Lidl. Well, they're opening up more stores and might have just hit on a new strategy. That's gonna secure the change position here in the us, Sally, 

Sally: This is great. Phil they're really making an effort to help consumers with inflation. And so they they're running a campaign for the summer starting June 8th. Then it's gonna go till August where they're gonna drop prices on more than a hundred items in their stores that are all located in the east coast. The discounts range from 12.8% for the lowest price item and up and 10.6% for the highest price item on the list, which is a black Angus top sirloin steak. So they're saying that customers can save about $50 on these basket items throughout the summer campaign. 

Phil: Yeah, and I think it's really smart because while Aldi has done a bang up job and they just keep on opening, Lidl has sort of gotten lost. They only have 170 stores open here in the US. When you look at their outpost in Germany, you know, their neck and neck with Aldi and they, they just haven't been able to hit, they've gone through, I wanna say like four or five different US presidents so far. So I think this is really smart. I agree with you, because this is gonna get people to get into the stores, even if it's just for this promotion and then like what they see, because to be honest with you, there's a lot of little products, especially their prepared foods that are excellent that most consumers just haven't found.