Making the Most of Unwanted Gift Cards!

The Lempert Report
January 12, 2015

Some food retailers are adopting programs that benefit them and the consumer!

The post-holiday season sees many stock piling unused gift cards, but no longer do they have to sit around gathering dust. Now, certain food retailers are figuring out how to make the most of them. Places like United Supermarkets and Walmart are implementing gift card exchange programs, enabling shoppers to trade in unwanted department store and restaurant gift cards for credit that equals a percentage of their value.

United Supermarkets, for example, recently launched their Trade In, Cash Out program which allows shoppers to trade in eligible gift cards for cash equaling up to 80% of the gift card’s value. Or, shoppers can receive a credit equal to an even higher percentage if they trade in their gift card for store credit.

In addition, Walmart launched a similar idea with, on Christmas Day. Here, Walmart will transfer up to 97% of the value on gift cards from over 200 retailers and restaurants, to a Walmart e-gift card, at Shoppers can do this all online and Walmart credit is emailed to recipients within about one to two hours.

According to, United is partnering in this program with Card Zone, and Walmart with the company, Card Cash – both of whom, resell the gift cards that are cashed in at a discount.

For food retailers this is a great idea and a profitable move. For many shoppers, the convenience of being able to cash in cards or use them at their local supermarket for food and other household items seems pretty appealing, especially after an expensive holiday season!