Marc Lore Startup

The Lempert Report
February 01, 2022

Sally: Hi, Phil. Marc Lore is teaming up with Gwyneth Paltrow for a new food delivery service that brings you food trucks on demand. And, you know, it's very exciting because Marc Lore has been really successful in the e-commerce world. He started, which was sold to a Amazon, and he is also was part of, which became Walmarts. So this is very exciting and I think it's a great idea of, to have a food truck com with a trained chef, um, in the truck making your food so that it is served to you, piping hot.

Phil: I think, I think the idea is great. And you know, what he found is he had gotten divorced and then he wasn't sure how he wanted to plan for himself meals. So he said I was living alone, ordering food in and I wasn't cooking, which gave him this idea. Um, and he's also raised 500 million, uh, for this idea it's being piloted in New Jersey right now in four cities. And they just had Gweneth Paltrow join their board, and Gwyneth has a whole bunch of ideas. They know each other before, because Mark has been a mentor if you would to Gwyneth for some of her other enterprises. And there's a couple things. So first of all, Gwyneth has said she has a whole bunch of ideas, but she hasn't shared them with them yet, which I find it hard to believe. 

Phil: One thing that's curious to me is one of our ideas is that they cook with higher quality pans. I don't understand that unless maybe she has a deal for a cookware company, but there is a potential problem. What Mark has said is in order to pull this off nationwide, he needs a million people, workers, not customers. He needs a million workers to pull this off. So great idea. I agree. I would love to have a food truck, you know, pull out in, in front of the office here and cook up food right away, how they can make money on it. I'm not sure unless they start thinking about neighborhoods like the old Dugin man, uh, where you do a whole neighborhood, but just doing it for one person, one family, I'm not quite sure they can make money.