Meet the Modern Foodie

The Lempert Report
October 01, 2015

When it comes to innovations in the food world, where else should you turn for guidance than the modern foodie?

For food companies to stay relevant they need to stay ahead of the innovative consumer. And who's more innovative than the modern foodie! 

In the recently released, 2015 Foodie Study, by Sopexa, we get a glimpse at the preferences, behaviors and influence of modern foodies in the US and around the globe:

 Pauline Oudin – Managing Director We focused on 6 different countries US of course, China, Japan, Germany and the UK and we were able to really compare what made, in my case, the US foodies so different from a Japanese of Chinese foodie.

We have 75% of American foodies that cook quite a bit at home, 2 – 3 times a weekThey only go to restaurants 2 – 3 times a month. So what we see is that they cook a lot for themselves, for their families and they take huge pride in where they buy their products.

What we’re seeing here in the US is that foodies use social media to brag. They spend a lot of time using social media to show it off, show their creativity, show what they came up with, so American foodies have a very self-centered approach to cooking and they really look at social media to promote their own highlights.

We looked at online shopping and again we’re comparing to other countries.  Here in the US you’ve got about 20% of shoppers who shop online. What we’re seeing is that they really buy a lot from producers, so farmers markets. If you’re trying to reach out to these foodies you really have to have a great story to tell.

One of the examples we noticed is that Fresh Direct here in NY is definitely going down that route, giving information on the local farms that the produce  came from, and that’s exactly the kind of information that foodies are looking for.