Metaverse Food Consultants

The Lempert Report
June 24, 2022

Phil: So in the metaverse there's this consultancy of food and beverage marketing consultancy, by the name of SALT, who has announced that they're the first food and drink consultancy to launch in the metaverse. And it it's actually their office, an event space is within a British pub. It's called the salt arms. And, you know, they feel that they can work just as effectively with their clients in the metaverse and they can go into their offices. What do you think?

Sally: Well, I really love hearing about this because, you know, we've been talking about the metaverse a lot, a lot, and we've been talking about the opportunity for education in the metaverse the opportunity for bringing in new employees and training them in, in the metaverse. So for me, this is another great opportunity, to use this platform, um, for people to connect. And in this situation, I think of consultants, you know, my brother-in-law was a consultant, a financial consultant for companies for many years, and that put him out of town away from his family Monday through Friday, you know, going from Charlotte, North Carolina, to New York city. Um, and I think about, wow, so here's an opportunity for that type of work, that consulting to just happen right there in, in the metaverse.

Phil: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. and also can keep down costs, consider. And we look at the amount of flights that have been canceled, um, over this past weekend thousands. And, you know, the price of airlines are just going through the roof. They're they just keep on increasing. So, you know, I think that it's a great move and who knows, maybe the Lempert Report will take place in the metaverse.