Metaverse Kid Impact

The Lempert Report
June 01, 2022

Phil: You have kids, you have kids, Eli is always on his, his virtual reality headset, his Oculus. How the metaverse could impact the lives of kids is a new article that came out of CoinTelegraph. And what do you think, you know is the, metaverse a good thing, you know, for Eli and, you know, Anthony and all the kids that we've got at Supermarketguru?

Sally: I think it's something that a lot of parents are struggling with right now. You know, trying to navigate, you know, we know that our kids are a part of the modern world and we wanna support that. Um, and not be, you know, like you kids in your rock and roll. Right? 

Phil: I heard that.

Sally: But we have heard experts warning that there are some negative effects. There's depression, there's loneliness that comes out of this mental health issues. Kids not doing other things, not going outside, but the other side of it is that there are some really great advantages for learning within this technology. And we already know from Minecraft, which has been around for a while, a very popular game with kids that Minecraft has been implemented in schools and used as an educational tool. I think the big issue here is making sure that, you know, we can balance technology with Oh you know, with the other things that we want our kids doing, but also making sure that it is a private, safe, secure place for our kids to be interacting. You know? 

Phil: Absolutely. And you know, what I love about this column is that when we look at the advantages, that it can give, you know, kids, all of us, abstract concepts that we can really grasp onto in a more engaging way actual hands on experience. That's very beneficial for kids, help them better understand the world around them. It can improve social skills, because they are talking to other kids. And also it points out that it can be a great way for parents to bond with their kids and teach them various skills. You pointed out, you know, some of the downside to it, cyber bullying is one of them, lack of privacy. Okay. And then, you know, the content, we've gotta be real careful whether it's violence, sex, or hate speech, that this is not accessible by our kids. Otherwise, you know, we're gonna have a real problem. And is to your point, I know that you do it. I know that Tony does it really balance out, you know, real, real world with metaverse world. 

Sally: Exactly.