Metaverse Weddings

The Lempert Report
February 28, 2022

Phil: So bottom line is people now have a choice on how they wanna make their weddings, which leads us to this week's metaverse story. So tell me about this. And first let's start off. What is the average wedding cost here in the us? 

Sally:Well, it's interesting, Phil, I looked this up in the average wedding cost for 2021 was 22,500 it's down for, from 2019 when it was 28,000. So it's interesting that that cost has gone down. I think we all know why, because we've been in a, in different circumstances. Right. But, but yes, you can, you can go on the metaverse now and have a wedding. And there are, there are a couple of that have already done this one in the us. There's been a big Indian wedding. And we know that the that the Indian culture, that they tend to have very, very large weddings that go on for days and days and days. And there that industry in India has been suffering throughout the pandemic. So maybe this is a way to pick business back up. 

Phil: Yeah, I don't think so. You know, the whole idea of a wedding is seeing friends, family and yes, you can do it with avatar, but also one of the things that I think is the creepiest part about this, first of all, the wedding that you described that took place in India cost about 30 grand. So a little bit more than the average wedding, but if you do it the right way, you can have a metaverse wedding for 10 grand. I still don't know where all that money goes to, to, you know, in the, in the metaverse. But the creepiest thing that I find is that you can then give, you know, the, the bride and groom, you know, their presence in the metaverse. So whether it's NFTs or whatever else it is. So you're not even giving them real presence. 

Phil: Right. 

Sally: I guess cryptocurrency is appealing to some people, but yes, I'm not sure I wanna get an, an Ft for my, no, for my wedding gift. I'll take the, I'll take the silverware, the real silverware. Yes, 

Phil: Yes. Yeah. I'm with you a hundred percent.