Millennials Love their Veggies!

The Lempert Report
July 07, 2015

When it comes to eating your vegetables, millennials are doing it right! Find out more, next!

According to a new survey, millennials eat nearly a half a serving more in daily vegetable consumption compared with the U.S. average! The data, gathered from 2,000 Americans from an online poll by Harris in June, was released by Subway and called the “Subway National Eat Your Vegetables Day Survey." Perhaps coming as no surprise, most Americans aren't doing it right. Polling showed that 84% of Americans aren’t meeting the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s daily minimum number of vegetable servings, but what may come as a surprise? Millennial consumers are doing it right! Millennial consumers average 2.7 servings per day, compared to the U.S. average of 2.3 servings per day and 22% of millennials eat the recommended four servings of vegetables a day, which is the best of any age group!

So, what's everyone else's excuse?  Nearly half said there was no excuse for not eating more vegetables, 14% said vegetables were too expensive, 11% didn’t like the way vegetables taste and 10% said veggies take too long to prepare. For millennials fifty-six percent said they eat vegetables to lose weight, compared with 39% for those older than 35 years old. 

While millennials may be on the right track, this study still highlights the fact that most consumers need to add more vegetables to their diet. Supermarkets shouldn't let their shoppers be put off produce because of price, taste, or a lack of knowledge over how to prepare them. With so many simple recipes out there to enhance flavors and prepare veggies, supermarkets should be guiding their customers with tips and ingredients as well as offering deals on produce that may be "less than perfect" or getting close to their expiration date.