Nailing Down 'Shoppers on the Go'

The Lempert Report
June 20, 2014

Consumers are constantly on mobile devices, and more subject to "thumb shopping".

Today's shoppers can generally be described as "shoppers on the go". They're busy, they're looking for convenience and more importantly they use mobile devices more than ever before. With the rise of mobile and digital commerce retailers are constantly looking for ways to get the attention of these "shoppers on the go".

According to Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight with the Mintel Group, with more shoppers "commuting versus driving to work, there’s a big opportunity for retailers to grab the consumer interest in those in-between places like subway stations." 

For example, online grocer Peapod placed Billboard-like displays in 100 subway stations from which shoppers can place orders by scanning the barcode of an item on the display.

Ebay is also exploring the idea of the shoppable windows.  Last year, they teamed up with designer Kate Spade to try out digital storefronts; touch-sensitive, 24-hour window shops that allow consumers to select merchandise, pay for it with their mobile phones and have it delivered.

All of this might sound very futuristic, but it fits with modern sensibilities. Consumers are constantly on mobile devices, and more subject to "thumb shopping". In fact, according to eMarketer, sales from smartphones and tablets, is expected to reach $57.8 billion this year, up 37.2% from 42.1 billion in 2013.

Supermarkets can learn from these new trends. Like any retailer, they need to catch the attention of the "shopper on the go" and should consider these types of innovations if they are to keep up with the mobile generation.