New $$$ For Meat

The Lempert Report
November 11, 2022

Phil: The Biden-Harris Administration has announced the first round of investment to increase competition and expand meat and poultry processing, 223 million in grants and loans. And what's so important about this is their objective, and Joe Biden had said this from almost day one, was to create more meat and poultry number one competition, but also capacity so that smaller meat and poultry facilities can exist. So we're not reliant on these 1 million square foot factories that certainly during the pandemic, the early stages of covid, we saw have tons of problems, everything from, you know, covid across all the employees, the working conditions, the fact that so many of these employees were making under eight bucks an hour, and we wonder why we have food safety nightmares. So this is great news coming out of Washington. 

Sally: Yes, it really is. And you know, the idea there's several benefits to this. You know, we are increasing competition so that we can keep those food prices reasonable for consumers. But we're also creating jobs. We are restoring jobs in rural places with policies like this. And we are reducing those barriers to processing so that we can have small farms, we can have big farms, and there's room for more, more to get into the game. 

Phil: It's great news. And whether it's on a small farm or a big farm, uh, that's, that's a young farmer or meat and poultry, there's so many opportunities in agriculture across the entire supply chain for innovation, for new blood to really go in there and change the way our food supply is. Great news on the horizon. Great foundation that's being laid now, all that we've gotta do is execute on it.