Produce RX

The Lempert Report
February 17, 2022

Phil : And Stop and Shop is also leading the pack with yet another new program, right? 

Sally: Yes. And I love this program. NGA is teaming up with grocers for a food as medicine project. They they've made these videos. They're, they're working with daily table and Stop and Shop on these testimonial videos, in encouraging retailers to become a part of this wonderful program that is, providing food prescriptions. These are prescriptions for fruits and vegetables for people who are living with chronic disease, but are also living with food insecurity. 

Phil : And the more that we can educate people, to this and the one we can empower them the better. I mean, for years, for, for 30 years, the produce industry has tried to up the game, as it relates to how many pieces of produce we eat every day. It hasn't worked, hopefully this video series, especially with the powerhouse up stop and shop behind it, you know, can actually work.