Safeway’s Fight

The Lempert Report
February 11, 2022

Phil: What's going on at Safeway?

Sally: Well, Safeway is beginning online programs to where to provide an opportunity for people that are using snap benefits to, to buy their food on online and have it delivered, or they can pick it up. In addition to that, they are offering a $10 coupon for each $10 benefits they spend on fruits and vegetables. Now what's really important about this program and, you know, Phil, I went on the U S D a website to see how many retailers there are across the country that are allowing people to buy foods with snap benefits online. And there are a lot of them. Aldi is all over, Publix, Walmart, Amazon. I did not see Kroger anywhere on the, on the list. But, but they're offering, they're offering some other great benefits along with this. One, the benefits you get to spend the coupons, you get to spend on fruit and fruit and vegetables, but they're also trying to work with clinics so that they can fulfill prescriptions for food. When people have an illness and their doctor thinks that they should be that they need some nutrition treatment, then they can get a prescription for that. And then they can bring that to Safeway and cash it in for food.

Phil: Yeah, it's a great program. And I give, Safeway a lot of credit, but also, you know, credit goes to chef, Michelle Shaun, because, Michelle is the first one who really stood up. I want to say about 25 years ago at farmer's markets and said, we're gonna match however much money you spend on snap with that much. So you spend $25 on produce. They're gonna give you $25 and his foundation has done a fabulous job. And I'm just so happy that this has gone mainstream. It's, it's a, it's a great program. And again, kudos to Safeway. Their program is called nourish everyone, which is a great name for it as well.