Shopper Survey?

The Lempert Report
June 09, 2022

Phil: There's a new study that has come out by Tango. And you know, they're saying some things in here, Sally, that I would disagree with. You know, there's some 94% of shoppers are satisfied with the options they have for in-store shopping for pickup and delivery. Compared to 87% a year ago, 94% of shoppers enjoy having the ability to buy online. You know, that stuff is pretty commonplace. What I don't agree with is that nine in 10, over nine in 10, US adults say that big box retailers and supermarkets have adapted well to the changes during the pandemic. I don't see that. I still see empty shelves. I still see, you know, the plastic barrier barriers. What do you, what do you think? 

Sally: Yes. I find find that to be a very, very high number. I don't know that that many people would be satisfied about something to begin with, you know, with their feedback would be, but yes, with out of stocks and the frustration that you experience we do like our online shopping, but we do experience frustration with the shoppers having to make replacements because so many things are out of stocks and then getting, getting what you don't want. So, I find that, yes, I find that number to be really high. And another one that was really interesting to me, Phil, that I'd love to get your feedback on is that three and five 62% consumers say environmental concerns now influence whether they shop in store online. Now here's the interesting part. Men are more likely than women to say environmental concerns, impact whether they shop in store or online. I thought that was an interesting one. 

Phil: I think it's interesting also because they don't define what the environmental inputs are. I mean, are people not going to the store because they want to save gas? Going into the atmosphere or I, you know, yeah, the survey is not one that, you know, we point to and say, wow, better listen to this.