Slim Jim "Meataverse"

The Lempert Report
April 01, 2022

Phil: And talking about, nuts, Slim Jim has decided to join the metaverse. Of course they did. 

Sally: Well. They had to, because they just had that name right there in front of them, the Meataverse, which they have now filed a trademark for the Meataverse, Slim Jim and long boy gang, a also, and they are looking to bring some virtual goods and virtual products and NFTs to the metaverse. 

Phil: Yep. I guess, I guess everybody's gonna be in the metaverse and Sean Conley, who's the CEO of ConAgra, ConAgra owns slim. Jim, you know, went out there and he said, yeah, we're gonna do some, some really cool things with, with slim gym and our other brands in the metaverse. So it'll be interesting to see what happens. He says that they're gonna allow people to browse. I don't know, browsing in a Slim Jim store, what that means, accumulate, buy and sell trade virtual food products. So I guess I could buy a virtual Slim Jim and not have to eat it. 

Sally: There you go.