Spicy Schlotzsky's

The Lempert Report
June 27, 2023

Have you ever been to a Schlotzky's? Yes, I have.

Phil: Okay, I have not, so I need your advice here. But what they're doing is they're offering $15K for the winners of a spicy hustle contest where a selected couple will try its new spicy food, create comprehensive spice profile reports, recommend flavor menu combinations and create content for social media. They just introduced their new line. It's a spicy line featuring hot sauce infused freshly baked sourdough bread. I don't know if I want hot sauce in my bread. Isn't that a little weird?

Sally: Well, I'm not sure. I haven't tried it. I have had Schlotzsky's and you know I'm from Georgia and so they are a chain that has that's come out of the Atlanta area. They're very popular there. And I've also had Schlotzsky's out Schlotzsky's in California as well. So this is a really interesting If campaign. If they're investing $15,000 in giving to a couple who wins this challenge, just think about all of the couples that they'll get to enter that are committing to a month a month of trying their products and talking about their products on social media, creating content, taking photos, videos. That's how they win the competition by their social media content, trying all of their products. So it's kind of brilliant and a very small investment for a lot what could be a lot of advertising.

Phil: Absolutely. You know, i think you hit it right on the nose. $15,000 to have hundreds or thousands of people doing this, it's brilliant. The contest applications are open till June 30th. Just go to MySpicyHustle.com. You have to reside within 25 miles of a Schlotzky's location and you have to be over 21. So check it out. Let us know what you think about the spicy bread. I still don't like that.