Supermarket Surge Pricing?

The Lempert Report
December 08, 2023

As the supermarket data is able to collect Information about what we've bought before and the brands that we've purchased from, are we buying more upscaled foods? Is that going to generate the kind of information to allow them to customize your pricing in a positive or in a negative way? And what's spurring this on is, in England, France, Japan and some others in Australia, what they have, and especially since the pandemic, they have what's called yellow stickers, and these yellow stickers signify prices that are lower, prices that have been decreased. And now what they're saying is that's going to go away, at least in England, because of this whole technology of dynamic pricing. So is this use of artificial intelligence really cheating and rewarding a whole bunch of customers that aren't even realizing that this is going on behind the scenes?

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