Takeout Breakup

The Lempert Report
January 26, 2022

Phil: So, so Publix, Kroger, ShopRite, a whole, uh, Hannaford food lion, giant Martin's, um, they all want to get into the takeout business and really start competing with restaurants. What's that all about? 

Sally: I love this, um, Instacart's new, um, ready meals hub, uh, has launched. And this is a platform that is for ordering prepared meals. It's grab and go salads. It's sandwiches, it's rotiserie chickens, um, sushi from Crow. There's, there's all different, um, types of, of items that these different supermarkets specialize in. But now you can order that and have that delivered. And you can also in addition, um, order a couple of sta a few staple items as well, along with your order. 

Phil: So I'm confused why, why didn't in Instacart, just add this feature to their app versus having it a two step process where it looks and feels, you know, ver very different. Um, the, the hub is called ready meals hub, and it's a whole different thing. Why, why didn't they just combine it? It doesn't make sense. 

Sally: Yeah, I agree. It does seem like it should just be an all and, you know, you should only have to go to one place to order all of this. And, and I order through Instacart sometimes, and, and I can still access some of those things from Publix, but not the sub sandwiches and, um, not the rotiserie chicken. So, um, it is another side to it that I think people eating more at home, um, and probably tired of restaurant food, especially people that are dealing with Panda pandemic weight right now. And don't want to eat really unhealthy foods from restaurants. Maybe this is a great option for them. Yeah. 

Phil: I agree. You know, last night, I don't know. I don't know if, um, if you've seen this, but last night on CNN, um, they've got a special, like the top 10 of, um, the 1980s and Rob Lowe was actually the host of it. So there were like two or three episodes last night, but I caught the one about the top 10 of fast food mm-hmm and it showed the different things that were important about fast food in the 1980s. You wanna take a guess with the number one, um, impactful, fast food in the 1980s was 

Sally: Kentucky fried chicken. 

Phil: Nope. Uh, Kentucky fried chicken was on there with their, I forgot what they called it, but they had a little mini chicken sandwich. Mm-hmm um, but the number one was the happy meal from McDonald. Ah, yes. Oh, that, that was the one that they really said changed a lot.