Tamogatchi Kids

The Lempert Report
June 10, 2022

Phil: I'm scared. I am very, very scared, about this author, Catriona Campbell. She is one of England's leading authorities on artificial intelligence. She wrote a new book AI by design a plan for living with artificial intelligence. And what she says is that within 50 years, technology will have advanced to such an extent that babies which exist in the metaverse are indistinct from those in the real world. So you can have a baby in the metaverse, which is sort of like scary to me. And also, you know it's not gonna look like, you know, the virtual world now, the kids can look just like you, you can play with them, you can cuddle with them. You can keep them at a certain age, so they never become teenagers or never even grow up. You can keep your kid at, you know, six years old or whatever the right age is. But the creepiest thing that she talks about is what happens when you get bored with your kids. If they're on a monthly subscription, they just cancel the subscription and the kids are gone. So being a mom, what do you think?

Sally: I'm with you, Phil? I find it a little strange and really hard to imagine that a lot of adults would embrace having a virtual child. However, I do see some interesting opportunities here. The Tamagotchi pets that were really popular were a huge, huge thing. People really liked being able to take care of them and seeing where they went wrong, where they went right with keeping their little pet alive and well. So with this, I see opportunities for,the first thing that comes to mind is, you know, how about health insurance companies when people are expecting children. You know, offering training through these types of this virtual platform on parenting and feeding and taking care of a baby. I think this is a great opportunity for kids to learn about nutrition and taking care of their own bodies. What happens if you eat these foods and you, and you eat these foods and mix in your exercise, you know, what does your health look like? So there could be some really cool opportunities. I just don't know if we are going to stop having kids and start just embracing virtual kids. 

Phil: Yeah, I hope not. I do agree with you. I think from a training standpoint, you know, when I was growing up, my father always used to say, you know, that he wished that when I popped out, I would've come with a manual. 

Sally: Yes.

Phil: So, so that my parents could have some idea what to do with me. But you know, from a training standpoint, an education standpoint, I think it's cool.